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Restaurant hood systems can protect your kitchen

and allow for efficient operation

When you are selecting a new hood, there are numerous choices. Mid Michigan Fire & Safety of Greenville, MI, will walk you through these choices and find the one that best fits your restaurant. We will make sure that the fire codes are met and all equipment is up to date with all local codes and ordinances.

Sales, service, installation:

You will get only the best service

•  Stainless steel

•  Fans/exhaust

•  Hood cleaning services

•  Reduce heating and cooling bills

•  Maintenance and installation

•  Prevent re-flash

Kitchen hood fire suppression systems have to be inspected to keep them up to date per the law, and we will do so.


You won't have to worry about being delinquent or not knowing when an inspection is needed, because we will track that for you. Maintenance will be taken care of. We will also inspect your fire extinguishers.

With convenient 24-hour service, you can count on us to be there for you in the event of an emergency.

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